A supplementation plan for women

Dietary supplements and nutrients are associated primarily with men. It does not mean, however, that they can not reach out for not including women. It is therefore worth considering what products are best for them.

Firstly, select the appropriate protein supplement. It is a product which typically causes concerns among most women. However, the protein does not apply solely to muscle development. Proteins are the basis for many diets, for example, Duncan's diet. That is, proteins are suitable not only for bodybuilders, but for the rest of the active women.

Women should also stock up on boosters training. These are preparations that are designed to prepare the body for exertion during training, or providing it with the right conditions for recovery time. Women are recommended to take both boosters of creatine and without creatine.

An important role is also played by complexes of vitamins and minerals. Care should be taken to provide your body primarily magnesium, iron and calcium. It is worth to choose products containing Omega 3, because it supports the cardiovascular system and metabolism of lipides, and also affect the psychological well-being. Often, it is also indicated supplementation of B vitamins and vitamin D. Of course, it should be noted that the intake of minerals and vitamins does not exceed the daily requirements of the body.

Women who have doubts about the choice of nutritional and dietary supplements, they should opt for a consultation with a specialist.

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