Supplementation plan that increases muscle mass

Expanding muscle mass is one of the main objectives of sports training. The implementation of these plans is supported by carefully selected nutrients and dietary supplements. It is therefore important to know which of the commercially available preparations bring the best results.

In the first place there are protein supplements. It is worth noting that this kind of preparations can contain different types of proteins. Considered to be the most effective is whey protein. Supplements containing this type of protein are currently the most popular among strength athletes. In addition to high efficiency, it is important that such preparations are safe and easy to use. Whey brings great effects, especially when you need to quick supply the body with proteins. It is also recommended to use supplements containing casaine protein. Casaine stands out above all due to the slower rate of digestion, which means that the muscles are provided with valuable protein supply for a long time.

In second place are preparations of creatine. Most creatine is used as pre- and post-training boosters. Accepting this kind of dietary supplements allows to well prepare your body for exercises and prevents catabolism, which is particularly undesirable during the mass building.

In addition to selecting the appropriate nutrients and supplements it is very important to use them properly. You should therefore respect the rules specified by the manufacturer regarding dosage and time of administration.

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